Java TN3270

A 3270 Terminal & Telnet Framework in java

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JinTn3270 is:

A library and framework for creating Telnet clients in Java. It implements Telnet (RFC 854) and a set of extensivle Telnet Options. Currently this project is in a rapid state of development, and as such, is constantly changing. You can keep an eye on the latest developments by subscribing to the recent activity RSS feed.

JinTn3270 is NOT:

Stable, Ready for Use, A 3270 Emulator, or the best thing since sliced bread.


After using FreeHost3270 for more than a year, struggling to build the type of components, interaction models, and dealing with cruft-based race conditions from a fragile and brain-dead threading model, I decided it was time to cure my problems. A clean break in API, clean separation of concerns (leading to a clean implementation) for telnet Option extensions, and application of MVC to the terminal buffer was essential. The pile of hap-hazzardly thrown-together telnet code and the nasty Tn3270Parser, as well as the brain-dead buffer handling made me decide that a Fork wasn't going to save FreeHost3270. It was time for a fresh start, synthesized from specs and practical experience.

And thus, JinTn3270 was conceived. Logo