Java TN3270

A 3270 Terminal & Telnet Framework in java

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The generic Telnet NVT implementation is funtional. It consists of a functioning TelnetClient which supports pluggable abstractions for telnet Options. Along with this, for the NVT device there is a 80x24 character buffer implemented in DefaultTerminalModel, which can be rendered to a JTerminal with a DefaultTerminalRenderer. Basic I/O in the form of alphanumeric (ASCII) keys, CRLF, and Backspace has been implemented as a pluggable KeyMap.

At this time, development is beginning to focus on IBM-3278-4-E terminal support. Once the negotiation stage of RFC 1647 is complete, the 3270 stream parser will be receiving lots of attention.

The following RFC's have been implemented in a client-side capacity.

The following RFC's are actively being implemented. Logo